Searching for a home in England will mean choosing between many types of architecture and dozens of different styles, but the English style of home is often very distinct from styles you see in other countries. This isn’t unique to just England, as homes from all different regions and cultures usually carry with them a unique style and flavor. If you’re coming from America or Canada and are looking for a home in England, it’s good to understand the basic style you might expect before you even check out mortgage rates for yourself.

Traditional Style

The traditional style of English homes typically includes lots of wood and a darker look. Although somewhat drab to look at, these usually have a homey and cozy feeling as well; this hominess may be a result of the often dreary English weather, which makes a nice warm home a necessity for keeping a happy family. Inside English homes you may find lighter colors that match the earthy materials used for the homes; cream and beige tones are very popular. Because many English homes are centuries old, you rarely find modern décor and modern style.


You aren’t likely to long for that modern touch though, as the historic look that many English homes have is something that just can’t be reproduced. Look for gabled roofs and oversized stairwells with the traditional style as well. Brick and stone are also very common building materials so you may see exposed brick or stone on the inside of homes as they may not cover them with drywall as you see in American homes. Large and ornate chimneys are also very common, and windows are often multi-paned as this was commonly used during the Tudor transition.

Larger homes may also resemble castles because of the Victorian influence. They may include heavy iron gates and more steel and iron features, as these materials were becoming more common during Victorian England. These features may increase your mortgage payments as they are considered more modern and sturdier, for more information on mortgages and payment tools visit Rateline.

Country Style

The English country style or English cottages are so popular that you may see this style imitated around the world. English cottages are built to be quaint and welcoming; they are often built with wood materials rather than stone or brick, and include smaller rooms with a cozier feel. Inside you’ll see dark wood floors and paneling and typically many fireplaces.

English cottages are built around gardens and landscaping, and these may affect your mortgage rates as they increase a home’s value in England and may do the same in other areas, if your not familiar with the types of mortgages rates find more information here. If you find an English cottage in the countryside in England you’ll no doubt be told about the flowers and outside planning, as this is considered very important to Brits.

If you’re looking for a home in England, in the city or in the country, be sure you understand these details about their architecture and how they affect your overall mortgage cost. For more visit LDDPR.