Gardening is already a difficult task all by itself but you might be scratching your head when you try gardening in a unique place like Amarillo, Texas. There are a lot of factors that make gardening in Amarillo difficult. The soil is dry and hard, the climate brings intense heat especially during summers and unpredictable blizzards in the winter and the limited water supply.

Amarillo’s soil is hard and dry, making it difficult for plant roots to grow freely into the ground to absorb the soil’s nutrients and moisture. The blistering heat in Amarillo also causes a faster rate of evaporation, quickly drying up the water in the soil, while the blizzards during the winter can freeze your plants. The limited water supply puts up a challenge where in your plants need to survive in little or sometimes, no water at all since drought is common in Amarillo.

With all these challenges, how can you build a beautiful garden in the region of Amarillo? One effective solution is making use of raised bed gardens, allowing you to exercise the freedom in making your own flourishing garden while effectively fighting off these daunting problems.

What are Raised Bed Gardens?
Raised bed gardens are frames that allow the soil to rise above the ground and filled with soil. This is a type of gardening technique that involves raising the soil above the ground by using a garden bed. It can be of any length or shape but there are recommended dimensions so you can maximize raising your plants in raised bed gardens.
Raised bed gardens give the soil some height, at times it can even reach as high as your waist. The frames of raised bed gardens can be made from a variety of materials like rock, concrete blocks, wood or even synthetic materials that are environmentally friendly. One of the great things about having a raised bed garden is that you can add compost in the soil and even make use of soil that isn’t native to Amarillo – that means better soil with more nutrition and can hold moisture better.

The Benefits of Raised Bed Gardens
Amarillo is a challenging environment to raise a garden. The plants can easily die out if the proper measures aren’t taken. With the limited water supply, you can have a hard time dealing with the summer or the droughts.

In this regard, using raised bed gardens bring a form of a lifeline for those people who want to create a garden in Amarillo that’s full of life and vigor. There are a number of benefits that raised bed gardens can bring you. Here are just a few of these benefits that can help in making a flourishing garden.

Better Soil
The biggest advantage that raised bed gardens to have is that it allows you to utilize a different kind of soil that’s richer and has more nutritive content. Compared to the native soil of Amarillo which is dry and hard, bringing in soil that can accommodate the growth of your plants is a smart decision. Better soil means better growth for your plants and more efficiency in handling the limited water supply in Amarillo.

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Roots Grow Better
Compared to the traditional row gardening that we’re familiar with, raised bed gardens use a different amount of spacing between the plants. Because of the limited area, the plants are usually close to each other. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t adequate space for their roots to grow – in fact, because of the elevated soil, the plant roots are able to grow perpendicularly and reach the deeper parts of the soil, acquiring more nutrients and moisture.

Lessens Growth of Weeds
Because of the spacing used in raised bed gardens, the growth of weeds is suppressed due to the microclimate created by the space between the plants. Since the soil in raised bed gardens is also less compacted and much different than the hard soil that’s native to Amarillo, this allows an easier time in pulling out weeds if ever they do appear. Applying mulch is also preferable, adding a stronger protective layer against those pesky weeds.

Pest and Animal Control
With the height of raised bed gardens, your plants are protected from a number of animals that can mess up your garden. Keep away dogs from digging around your garden and ruining your plants by raising the height of these bed gardens. These bed gardens also prevent slugs and snails that are often found on the lower areas of the ground, feeding on your plants.

More Moisture
That soil of Amarillo prevents a significant amount of water to seep to the ground, often being dried up quickly via evaporation. But with raised bed gardens, you can bring in better soil that’s able to hold more water compared to the native soil of Amarillo. Furthermore, with their height, raised bed gardens make a form of a reservoir for your plants in case the heat gets too intense.

Lesser Strain on Your Back
Stretching and bending over is a common posture whenever we tend to our garden plants. This causes frequent back strain that often leads to pain and exhaustion after a few hours of gardening. With the height of raised bed gardens, you no longer have to worry about straining your back since you can make it as high as your waist, allowing you to even sit on it while taking care of the plants or tending the soil.

It isn’t easy to make a garden, especially if you’re located in Amarillo, Texas. However, there are a number of solutions to go around the problem of having to deal with difficult soil, the blistering heat during the summer, the frequent droughts, the unpredictable blizzards during winter and the limited water supply the region has. Raised bed gardening is one of those ingenious solutions that allow you to raise and nurture a garden while answering all those problems effectively and efficiently, giving a way for you to create a beautiful garden in Amarillo.

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